Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rebel Without a Clue!!

Does it make you a rebel?  Are you “getting one over on the man?” Or, are you simply an ass?  These questions and several others cross my mind every time I fly.  The issue is around turning off your electronic devices for take off and landing.  Have we become so dependent to our electronics that the thought of it being completely off as asked is so hard to comprehend? 

The reason that the FAA wants passengers to turn off their electronic devices is because there is a chance that certain devices could interfere with the communications of the airplane.  These communications are most important at take off and landing.  The vast majority of problems occur during these two events with very few incidents once at cruising altitudes.  People against this will argue that there is no scientific proof.  Really?  You will risk an entire plane full of people because there is no “proof” insurance guy!!  My son Tyler has a puzzle that makes animal sounds.  It goes off every time we turn off the lights!    I would guess that certain devices could interfere, so turn your dang phone off!

So if it’s certain devices why to do all devices need to be turned off?  Maybe because flight attendants don’t need to try to figure out what device is what when they are preparing the cabin for take off or landing.  Quit giving them a hard time by not following the rules.  They do make exceptions for issues that involve health concerns but they do not need you giving them a hard time so you can get in one more round of Angry Birds!  READ something…look at the Skye Mall catalogue…do something but quit trying to get one over on people who do not make the rules.

I understand that human beings do not like to be told what to do…I get it. From a very early age kids say “no” and “don’t tell me what to do”.  But have we gotten to the point as a people that we are so above all rules that we decide which ones are right for us.  Even if people do not agree they should follow what is in place…in place for the safety of others.  Do you really think that the FAA is making up rules to “control you”?  In 2000, congress could not fully come to a definitive answer to whether electronic devices could interfere with take off or landing so they chose to regulate on the side of safety.  People, turn off your device and chat with a human being sitting next to you.  Maybe you will meet a new friend, meet someone famous, or simply make somebody’s day with a kind word.  If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.  (Omar N. Bradley)

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  1. Welcome to the "me" generation where what "I" want to do is ever so much more important than anyone else's personal safety. I personally don't care if these people get themselves killed; the gene pool will be a lot less muddy without them. However, I most strenuously object to them taking me or anyone else along with them.